Framed mezzotint after Sir Joshua Reynolds, "Penelope"

Framed mezzotint after Sir Joshua Reynolds, "Penelope"


Framed mezzotint of Sir Joshua Reynolds painting of Penelope Boothby - engraved by Samuel Cousins and published by McLean and Conalghi, 1874.

  • Published almost a century after the original portrait was painted, this mezzotint is in a simple gold vintage frame (of some age, probably late 19th or early 20th century).  There is some discolouration/marking to the paper on the surround of the image within the plate mark, but is overall in good condition.


    Penelope Boothby (1785-1791) was the model for this picture when she was only three, but sadly died in childhood on 13th March 1791.  She was the only child of Sir Brooke Boothby and his wife Susanna, of Ashbourne Hall, Derbyshire and her father published a collection of poems entitled 'Sorrows sacred to the Memory of Penelope' in 1796. She is buried in St Oswald Church, Ashbourne, Derbyshire with a tomb by the neoclassical sculptor Thomas Banks.


    • Image (not including title) approx. 34cm x 27.5cm
    • Frame dimensions approx. 56cm x 46cm