Boxed set of Ravenhead 'Siesta' glasses

Boxed set of Ravenhead 'Siesta' glasses


Set of six Ravenhead 'Siesta' glass tumblers, the ubiquitous bark-like textured glasses of the 1970s.

  • Designed by Hardie Williamson for Universal Glass prior to 1972, the Siesta range was refined and expanded by John Clappison after the Ravenhead Glass re-branding of the Universal Glass Tableware Ltd in 1972 to appeal to a new consumer market.  


    Box dimensions:

    • Height approx. 7.5cm
    • Width approx. 18cm
    • Length approx. 12cm


    Each glass:

    • Height approx. 7cm
    • Diameter approx. 6cm