1960s flat-pack doll's house

1960s flat-pack doll's house


This doll's house reflects the style of a modern detached house of the 1960s with open wooden ladder-like staircase, simple door and skirting mouldings and appropriately-scaled wallpaper patterns.  It is made of plywood, with wipeable textured plastic roof.

  • This amateur-made doll's house consists of seven main pieces - the ground and first floor bases, with a folding roof and four slotting wall sections which include the walls for both floors and the two chimney stacks. Painted in red and white, with vintage wallpapered walls for each room, it is easily accessible for children (or adults) to reach in and arrange and play with and equally simple to dismantle and store flat. A small selection of contemporary furniture comes with it.

    House when constructed:

    • Height approx. 76cm
    • Width approx. 67cm
    • Depth approx. 50cm