Framed view of "St Giles and the Buttercross"

Framed view of "St Giles and the Buttercross"


Framed ink and wash view of St Giles' Church, and the Buttercross, Pontefract, by Alan Bracken.

  • Alan Bracken was Head of Graphics at Doncaster Institute of Higher Education and founded the Pontefract Art Club, later becoming President.  He drew many of the town's ancient buildings, and undertook a reconstruction of how the town's castle would have looked in medieval times.


    This image, which seems to be a pen drawing with colour wash, but may be an un-numbered print, shows the early 18th century buttercross in the market place in Pontefract, and the ancient church of St Giles with its classical late-18th-century spire, added after the church became the official Parish church (it's predecessor was destroyed in the Civil War).  Bracken has shown the old and new juxtaposed, with the modern (late 1970s or early 1980s?) [ST]RAND sign on the shop and the new-ish buildings beyond the church, contrasted with the water pump by the Buttercross.


    • Visible part of image approx. 35.5cm x 25.5cm
    • Frame dimensions approx. 62cm x 51cm