Landscape oil painting by Harley Crossley

Landscape oil painting by Harley Crossley


Framed oil painting of a rural landscape with church and other buildings by Harley Crossley, signed and dated, 1973.

  • Harley Crossley (1936-2013) was a gifted artist who began his painting career painting landscapes and particularly canal scenes.  He went on to produce city scapes and became well known for his paintings of ships.  He produced several books and continued to paint into his seventies, living and working in a former chapel in Dorset.  He painted entirely using palette knives and oil, and this painting shows the impasto he created in the wet paint. 


    Although the subject of this painting has yet to be identified, it is typical of his many church portraits, and is likely to be either in Yorkshire, where he grew up, or on the South Coast, where he was born and returned later in life, particularly painting around Christchurch, Dorset.


    • Visible part of image approx. 29.5cm x 70cm
    • Frame dimensions approx. 36cm x 67cm